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fruit smoothies
rice dishes

Smoothies (Real Fruit and Fruit Juices blended with ice)
Strawberry Mango Lychee Peach  
Pineapple Avocado Kiwi Orange  
Raspberry Blueberry Honeydew Cantaloupe  

Swirls (Two or more Fruits blended together)
Strawberry Banana Orange Passion (Orange Passion fruit)  
Pina-colada (Pineapple Coconut) Berry Berry (Raspberry, Blueberry)  
Strawberry Mango Mango Tango (Orange Mango)  
Pineapple Raspberry Strawberry Blonde (Strawberry Coconut)  
EXTRAS: Add mango, lychee, strawberry, green apple or coffee-flavored jelly for an additional cost
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